The Cash Race

You may be wondering, why this blog is called “The Cash Race”.

Well … because, it actually is a race. A race between two brothers to financial freedom. Maybe you know the game “Cashflow” by Robert Kiosaki? Exactly that is it, just in real life.

But, what is financial freedom?

Financial freedom is the point, where you’re passive income is at least as high as your monthly expenses. So for example when you spend 500 Euros in rent, 200 Euros for your car, 200 for food, 10 for your mobile and 50 for party, you have monthly expenses of 960 Euros. Now imagine you earn that money by doing nothing. Maybe you get it from your real estates, stock dividends or from your own business. It doesn’t matter. The point here is, you have to earn it by doing nothing 🙂

So, who is actually racing?

Good question. The participants are called “Max Money” and “Collin Cash”. In real life we are actually brothers and by the start of this blog are both round about 30 years old. We have on average the same income and we grew up in the same house. Sounds like an interesting challenge? Well, it get’s better. We want to achieve financial freedom on two different ways. Max is investing his hard earned money in different kind of assets and will generate revenue, whereas Collin will spend his money to build his own business.

But why do we don’t want to give you our real names?

Well, we discussed this and thought you would be more interessted in real numbers. So we plan do give you an exact breakdown every month on our incomes, spends and invests. And for now, it just feels saver, when we have a little bit of anonymity for this 🙂

What do you think? Who will be financially free first?


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