Who is Collin Cash?

digital composite of hands using notebook with graphics
Building a buisness – designed by creativeart

Who am I? 

Since I want to protect my real identity, you can call me Collin Cash. You can visualize me as a tall man of about 180cm. I weigh round about 72 kilogramms – depends 🙂 – and I am more on the athletic side of body type.

I haven’t achieved very much in school. And since I have no higher degree, was never able to study, although I always wanted. But, that’s life. I therefore went to the army, got almost kicked out and found myself again five years later working for a small TV channel producing videos.

By now, I’m damn good at this, which leads to a little bit of more money than I need. Since I’m a freelancer, I don’t really have a stable income. But on average, I earn round about 2.000 Euro a month after taxes.

What does financial freedom look like for me?

For me, financial freedom is more like a tool. I always adored the idea of working at home, what I want and when I want. But you all know that nagging thought, that you should go out, work in a regular job and bring home a little bit of money every month only to have that “safe” feeling. Well I accepted, that I always will want to have this “safe” feeling and financial freedom is the tool to give me that.

What’s my plan to get there?

My plan sounds easier than it is. I will build my own business, a video pruduction company. Then protect the earned money from taxes and invest it in real estates. This should generate me round about 2.000 Euros of passive income in ten years.

Why have I chosen this plan?

I chose this plan, since I actively want to do something to get to my target. I’m not the type of guy who invests once a month and then wait and watch what happens. I want to be confronted with my dream every minute of every day. I want problems to overcome, I want happiness for every solved problem and I want to grow on my dream.

What is my strength?

I already have a hard life with a lot of ups and downs behind me. So my main strength is to get out of the deepest shit. I evolved to a person, which always finds a solution. Plus: I don’t fear the risk of failure.

What is my weakness?

I think my biggest weakness is networking. But I’m aware of this and working on it 🙂

What’s the strength of my brother?

He was always the type of person, who could handle money very well. Since he was a kid, he always saved some of his pocket money. And then, when the new Game Boy came out, he bought it, whereas I couldn’t afford it. So I think his biggest strength is his endurance in the money game.

What’s his weakness?

Hate to say that, but I think, he fears risks. In my mind an ETF is a bomb safe Investment, whereas he declares it as a “risky” asset. 🙂

So, what do you think  would be your strength in a cash race to financial freedom?


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