Who is Max Money?

designed by lexamer / Freepik

Who am I?

I grew up among three siblings in a small village in Germany. After school and apprenticeship, I went to high shool and studied architecture. The time after school took me almost 10 years. So I startet working at the age of 28. Now I design real estates within 100 km from home and get payed 2100 Euro a month plus bonus after taxes.

Like my brother, I want to keep my true identity secret. So call me Max.

What does financial freedom look like for me?

Financial freedom means to me …
… to do things for which you usually don’t have time.
… not to be afraid to loose my job.
… to get the problem “money” solved.

What’s my plan to get there?

I will increase my assets, by saving a high percentage of my income and invest it in p2p-loans, ETFs and stocks.
The dividends and interest rates then will increase my passive income.

Why have I chosen this plan?

Because of the fact that I pursue a regular job and earn there much money. I think, this is currently the best way for me. Maybe someday this will change.

What is my strength?

I think hard work and constant savings.

What is my weakness?

Definitely writing 😉

What’s the strength of my brother?

My brother really has a lot of strengths that I envy him. The most remarkable however is, his purposefulness.
If he has something in his head, he has always done it and he was always one of the best in it.

What’s his weakness?

His greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. Just as fast as he could inspire himself for a topic and was good at it, just as quickly he got away from it and did something else.

What would be your weakness in the cash race?


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