Max Money´s status quo

As promised, today we deliver the first numbers.


In 2017 I expect an income of 34.447,80 Euros and expenses of 14.721,88 Euros.  That means that I can save 57% of my income. The amount of how these income and expenditures were composed will be explained in detail later.


Since we are still at the beginning of our race.  That´s why no redistribution of my assets took place. How I will proceed therefore, I will tell you in a seperate post.


For myself I set a security amount of 5 monthly saleries. That means round about 10.000 Euros.


On average I spent 40,33 Euros a day and I have a passive income of 0,54 euros. In general, I can only cover 1,34% of my daily expenses with passive income.

Corrently I have a fortune of 21.860,43 euros. By the end of the year I want to reach 40.000 euros.

What are your goals for 2017?



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