Step 1: Find out where your money is flowing!

As I told you in the last post, which 3 steps are necessary to get your cash on track, I will  show you now on my finances. If you look at the numbers, bear in mind that I live in a two-person houshold with my beautiful girlfriend :). So the costs are divided by two.

I basically divide my expenses into two areas. First in overhead cost and second in variable costs.

So now the numbers:


As you can see in the diagrams, my overhead costs in february amounted to 496,89 € and my variable costs to 938,51€.

How this costs split up, you can see in the diagrams two and three.

I´m sure you noticed, that there are no costs for mobile phone and a car. This is explained by the fact that I have no car (I commute to work by foot) and my phone is paid by my employer.

In addition, you can see that my “other” costs are relatively high. We bought a dog and needed additonal dog-stuff.

If any numbers are unclear, please write a comment below and I will explain it.

Next time I will show you how to reduce your costs!


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