5 Benefits of Having your own Business

business starting up

Building a business is hard work. But, is it worth it?

Well, I think a business has 5 benefits from which only the entrepreneur directly benefits. Here they are:

You can’t get fired.

Sounds obvious, since you’re the CEO of your company. Who should fire you, right? I often hear: “But, what will you do, when your business is out of money?” Then I respond:”Well, what do you think will your employer do, if he’s out of money? Fire himself instead of you?” What brings me to the next point.

You can take action, if something goes the wrong way.

Example: You’re an employee, willing to work and have expertise in your branche. Your boss is freakin out and makes one bad deal after another. Sadly he starts to get addicted to alcohol and his wife leaves him with his kids. You see, that his business breaks apart and you have the answer for his problems. But: You’re boss is deeply depressed and has given up. He don’t want to hear your solution. You’re helplessly in this situation and will loose your job. But if you were the boss, you could take action without permission.

You work for results, not for time.

Now that’s a point, which I really like. I’m the type of guy who gets really good in something in a relatively short amount of time. Which obviously leads to faster results in a shorter amount of time. If I were an employee here in Germany, I would have to work from nine to five. Half the day really working, half the day hanging around in the internet. Which leads to mental bore out. But if you’ve done your task and you don’t have to stay at work, you get rewarded with spare time for your skills, motivation and efficiency.

The more you work, the more money you will get.

You’re business runs good and the orders are coming in like Hipsters into a starbucks. Now you can decide if you want to have more free time, if you want to expand your business or if you want to have more money. If you’re a fast worker, this could be very profitable 🙂

Monday is no f**k up day anymore.

As an entrepreneur you don’t have to get to work. You work anytime you want. It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Saturday. You work for yourself, for results and for personal achievements. Work is not annoying anymore, so Monday is not annoying anymore 🙂

Which benefits did you experience?


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