Step 2: Find saving potentials!

Well, now we know where we spend our money and so we have to decide if this is right and if we want to continue on. Especially in my case, first I look at my overhead costs.fixkosten

We can´t reduce our rent, except we move to a smaller place but for now I think  we don´t  find a cheaper place to be. On the other expenses of course, I try to do something! In german-speaking countries we have a webside called There I manage my insurance and my contracts. Before any contract would extend by itself I get a massage and I can resign it just by one click. So my experiences:  Compare your contracts and your insurances because you get cheaper conditions as a new customer, in Germany they call it “new-costumer-bonus” and “change-bonus”. I´am sure that I save there about 200 – 300 euros a year.

Furthermore I decided to quit my netflix account to be a good example for you. Sorry bro for this! (We share a account :D)

So, now the variable costs.


As I told you two weeks ago, we bought a dog and this is why the costs of “other” are so high. So this is a one-time exception! The costs of sparetime, presents, restaurant and groceries, I think I´am pretty good by now.

Some tips to get your costs in control:

  1. Cook for yourself and go only for special events to a restaurant!
  2. Quit your mobile contract and get a prepaid card!
  3. Sell your car and take the bus/train or go by bike!
  4. Buy used furniture, take the old furniture of your friends/family or build it by yourself!
  5. Get your own herb garden!
  6. Ceck your contracts!

What do you think about how to save money? Do you have some tips as well? Please comment!


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