march breakdown

So, today I will bring you up to date with my numbers of March 2017.


I had expenses of 1229,73 euros. The largest were 452,50 euros for the fix costs and about 169 euros for the restaurant. My earnings add up to 3340,12 euros. On the revenue side, we have my salery of 2225,52 euros, 1083,37 euros tax refund and a passive income (interest) 31,23 euros. This means a saving rate of 63%.


In march I invested in the following items. I paid 500 euros in my ETF-saving-plan and I invested in two startups 1125 euros. So I increased my assets of 10980 euros to 12718 euros.


So now my safeties. Right now I am still searching for good investments, that´s why my liquid money is so high. If you know something, please let me know ;).


Since we started this blog, my fortune increased from 21860,43 euros to 26651,18 euros. So I´m still more than 13000 euros away from my target. But I boost my financial freedom rate up to 2,5%.



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