Financial Independence and the “Blackout-Party-Night”

Hunting Time

Why do I want financial independence?

Well, the most obvious answer is, that I want this “save feeling” of always having enough money to live the life, that I want to live. But therefore I dont’ have to be financially independent. I can always work for my money and have a wonderful life.

So the true answer has to be: I don’t want to work … sounds bitter. Maybe this is better: I wan’t to have time for the things and people, that I love. How romantic is that 😉

But, in conclusion this means, financial independence is not about money, it’s about time. And like cutting down your costs to have more money, you also have to cut down your time consumers.

One simple word may help you here: “No!”.

Here’s an example of myself. I’m thirty years old and my time as “the partymaker” is over. I can’t handle that much alcohol anymore. I have a wife and targets in endurance sports. So everytime anyone asks me, if I go party, I say “no”.  Shooting myself out of the universe would totally rob me the next 24 hours. And therefore would rob me time with the people I love, time in my sport and time for my business. Plus it cost’s money which brings me further apart from financial independence.

So nowadays a “Blackout-Party-Night” would be like loosing 20% of my invest on the stock market for me 🙂

But that’s not the only situation where I say “no”. I say it:

  • when I already planned time for myself
  • when it’s a mass event, where I don’t be needed
  • when it’s just a “Show-up-Date” – means when you haven’t seen a person you don’t like for too long

So everytime I say “no” to someone, I hunt back little pieces of my time.

Simply said: Investing time is like investing money. If I don’t get value for my time, I don’t invest it.

Which time consumers do you regularly cut down?


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